DOMS – Does it help, or hinder progress?

DOMS; Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness. Some regard it as a badge of honour: Sore today - Strong Tomorrow, No Pain - No Gain, Soreness is Progress, but do we need it and how much soreness is enough or too much? Back in my late teens I read an article in a muscle magazine, I forget …


Logic, reason and heart.

Farmers Walk 6x50m. 3 weeks in and I still feel like a beginner.

Anyone who has been in fitness sphere for a while will know if you touch on certain subjects with a broad spectrum of people with differing viewpoints, things can get a little emotive.

I just want to get ‘fitter’

'Fitter'. I've heard¬†the word said often when people are just starting out, when we're contemplating doing something different, when they realise things could be better, ¬†want to be a little more physical, have more energy or be more active. Being 'fitter' is a perfectly reasonable and desirable thing to want to do. Nobody should ever …